Week 7

We are really on a roll now, Frin is back in Cavendish Primary this week to catch up on progress with their weaving panels. She got off to a great start last week, the pupils were brimming with enthusiasm and excitement and even those not naturally keen to engage in the classroom were eager to get involved.

Each pupil will be writing a post card about the project and their learning and during the practical sessions last week there were wonderful conversations of who and where they will send the postcards, including family members who may live far away and be isolated. It is fantastic to know that already the pupils are planning on sharing their experience with external members of the community, especially those who may be lonely or limited in their lives due to the current pandemic. It is great that a relatively small, creative project can have such wide-ranging impact.

Extra bit of good news is that we now have Sudbury WI taking part in the project, (love a bit of intergenerational activity).

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